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  thailand lottery

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PostSubject: thailand lottery   Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:13 am

Lottery Impact in Thailand

One of the few legal forms of gambling in Thailand is lottery. Lottery has a huge impact upon lower to middle class Thais. The most common lottery consumers are

northeastern and northern Thais. If you may notice, regular lottery consumers have low or medium income and they obviously target for lottery prizes. In other words,

lottery is seen as a "shortcut to wealth." Since northern and northeastern Thais make up a majority of the country's population, the amount of taxes collected from lottery

is enormous.

The motivation of lottery consumers is the lottery winners who are usually lower class Thais. Lottery transformed poor families to millionaire families. My family's

business in the north of Thailand included selling lotteries. Recently, there was a very poor farmer who happened to won the first lottery prize which is approximately 35

million baht or over a million dollar.

There's a unique part about Thai lottery consumers, that is the method of choosing a number to buy. Many lottery consumers are superstitious Thais who hold a strong

belief for Gods and their compassion towards unfortunate people. People often choose a number to buy by their birthday, age, or other numbers related to themselves or

others. However, there is a wide range of "superstitious" methods to find a lottery number to buy. Some are:

Dreams: There is a book written by horoscopes that relate symbols and events you find in your dreams into numbers. For example, a snake is considered the number 9, or

a wheel is considered the number 0. Some Thai people try to remember what they dreamed and transcribe it into numbers that is later chosen as their lottery numbers.

They may also use the age of the people or the license of the car they dreamed of to determine what numbers should be bought.

Trees: It is believed that all trees have an angel residing in that tree. People choose old trees or large trees to pay respect to and treat the tree like a shrine. Then, they

will pray and use powder to rub on the trunk of the tree. The people expect that the texture from the tree trunk will form numbers which they will choose to buy.

Candle drops: In some Theravada Buddhist ceremonies, the monk lights up a candle and lean it on a bowl filled with water. The candle wax drops into the bowl and cools

on the surface of the water. When ceremonies are done, people observe the cooled candle drops if it form some sort of numeral.

Hints from a monk: There are monks in Thailand who give out numbers to Buddhists like hints of numbers to buy. This action is often considered wrong for Buddhist

monks because giving out hints for numbers is like deceiving Buddhists with greed for possessions which is pretty much against the notion of Buddhism.

Fortune Teller Hints: Similar to monks, fortune tellers give lottery hints known as (Huay Ded) or literally " hot numbers " It is considered more appropriate than monks

giving out hints because fortune tellers do not have to follow the way of Buddhism.

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PostSubject: Thai Lottery – Take A Chance To Make Your Future Better   Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:47 pm

Financial freedom is a common aspiration that most people want in their life. It is also an indicator of success in life. Success depends on several things. Hard work, determination, perseverance and motivation are the primary keys to success. Luck is another thing that many people believe and there is nothing wrong in believing luck indeed.
Many individuals can be found around us who get success in life by taking risk and even taking a chance of lottery like Thai lotto. In fact, winning a big sum of money by picking a ticket can be a great thing that can change your life forever. Thai lottery is one of the most popular lottery systems that are relatively easy to play and to win as well. Winning Thai land lottery is probably the most common dream that people crave in their life at least once. However, winning a lottery is a game of chance instead of a game of skill. There is no special method or secret formula to guarantee you winning a lottery. This is, in fact, purely a game of chance.
Yet you can follow different Thai lottery tips and strategies to boost up your chances to win Thai lotto. Some winning strategies like number selection and wheeling can help you wining your desired prize in Thai land lottery and turn your dream into real. Winners and experts often share their experience and Thai land lottery tips to their peers, and the tips and tricks are helpful for other players to make the things favorable in Thai lotto.
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PostSubject: Thai Lottery Tips to Increase Winning Chance   Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:49 pm

When it comes to the matter of winning lottery like Thai lotto, almost everybody is interested to know the secret formula to predict winning number. In fact, winning a lottery is purely a game of chance and it does not involve any skill to win lottery. However, you can increase chance of winning in Thai land lottery by following different Thai lottery tips and strategies that winners and experts recommend.
The first thing that you should consider is to select a suitable Thai lottery that fits best to your need. To find out a good lottery system, you can search on the internet and go through reviews of different lottery systems. There are various Thai land lottery systems are available, but you should stick with one instead of switching among the systems every now and then. If your target is to win bigger jackpot, you have to stick to it. You also have to accept loss, because losing is common in every lottery game. Do not quit the game if want to win jackpot prize in Thailand lottery. In fact, winners never quit game.
However, it is advised that you should not cross you budget to win the jackpot when you are playing Thai lotto and you have to be aware about your limitation. You have to have total control on your mind and things to recover you from losses, and stop yourself as soon as you feel that you reached to your limitation. Positive perspective and energy will help you to achieve your dream prize without harming you financially and mentally.
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PostSubject: Increase Your Chances To Win Thai Lottery 800+   Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:50 pm

If you are craving for successful life and financial freedom, there is no alternative of hard work. Motivation, determination and perseverance are some primary keys to help you in achieving your goal for a successful life. However, luck is another thing that most people believe to get success in life. In fact, there is nothing wrong in believing luck. If you win a big sum of money by picking a ticket that is great for you as you can change your life for better living.
There are a number of lottery systems are available and Thailand lottery is one of them. Winning a lottery do not require any skill, you just need to stick to a certain system for longer. Good motivation is important for here. Though there is no secret formula to predict winning number in Thai lotto, some Thai lottery tips and strategies can help you boost up your chances to win Thai lottery. The ideal way is follow suggestions and Thailand lottery tips that are regularly delivered by experts and winners. Such winners and experts often share their experience to their peer and leave their valuable Thai lotto tips in different forums and websites, so that other players can be benefitted from those tips and suggestions.
These tips and strategies may not guarantee you to win the lottery, but these are helpful to boost up chances about winning the jackpot that you crave. Winning lottery like Thai lotto is probably the most common dream that most people foster in their mind and the dream becomes real when they win their desired jackpot through Thailand lottery.
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PostSubject: Re: thailand lottery   

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thailand lottery
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